4 Rules for Successful Trade Shows and Conferences

Trade shows and conferences are costly, exciting, and a great opportunity for exposure and to generate sales. They are also a great way to waste a lot of budget with bad results! How do you ensure the conference or trade show you’ve spent a lot of money on brings in leads and fosters conversations? You need to follow a solid sales strategy by sending the right people with a captivating elevator pitch, creating a turnkey memorable booth, talking to the right prospects, and following up in a timely and engaging manner. Poor sales strategies that don’t address those four key needs are destined to end in failure. People go to conferences to learn, collaborate, network, and find innovative services and technologies to bring back with them! Every person who walks by your booth that you don’t engage with is a missed connection and even worse a missed sale! Join Randy and Chris as we talk about our preparations for the upcoming Dreamforce conference, how we’re prioritizing what is best to create a great booth, and more importantly, connect with and sell to as many people as possible.

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