How To Create High-Quality Remote Video Podcast Interviews for your YouTube Channel

Recording remote interviews and creating high-quality video podcasts is easier than you think. It just takes a little know-how and equipment you might already have laying around. After an awesome interview with Tyler Lessard and Ellen Stafford from Vidyard on the power of using Video in Sales, Tyler asked about the Un-Missed Connections setup for remote interview recording so I figured, let’s share our setup with everyone! In this video, I will show you the equipment I use and how we configure our studio to capture remote interviews for our video podcast series.

We use several pieces of equipment to capture the interview to ensure lighting, video, and audio are crisp and clean. We still run into the occasional mistakes but as we progress they are happening less and less. After capturing our interview we will use an application like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere to stitch the videos together and add borders and branding. One final but equally important note is coaching your interviewee on how to create the best audio and visual experience from their side to really step up the interview quality. Here is a link to a handy document I send out before every interview with tips and tricks to get the best lighting, video, and audio captured from your home or office. All with zero budget.

Download the Remote Setup PDF

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