Merry Christmas from the Carrolls

Little did Erin and I know when we took our first Christmas card photo that we were starting a tradition our family and friends would look forward to every year. We love sharing our wacky Christmas cards and hope you enjoy them too.

As we’ve entered December we have already started preparing our 2022 Christmas card. Be sure to check back soon to see our latest holiday picture.

The Carroll family Christmas card. Dad holds youngest boy with a fishing rod while mom tries to catch him. Oldest boy has climbed high into a tree.
Carroll Family 2021 Christmas Card
2020 Carroll family Christmas card. All four family members and three cats are in a Zoom meeting.
Chris hold Will upside down as he tries to hang Christmas lights. Erin hangs out of a window to catch him.
Christmas Carrolls Truck
Christmas Carrolls Fireplace
Christmas Carrolls Shed
Christmas Carrolls Sleigh
Christmas Carrolls Couple