Chris Cropped HeadshotHello, I am Chris and I am a Product and Digital Marketing Manager for an enterprise B2B SAAS company.  Over the past nine years I’ve been heavily involved in marketing, sales, and client services. Currently my primary focus has been on digital advertising, social media advertising SEO, video marketing, and content creation. My secondary focuses have been on sales enablement by assisting in best practice and software implementation and as a sales engineer.

I am very familiar with Salesforce, Marketo, social media for business, PPC and re-marketing programs, Drupal, Hubspot and WordPress CMS’, and payment integration platforms like Zuora and Square.

I’m also a video producer for two online video channels. One geared toward personal interests in whisky and home improvement, and the other geared towards retail, banking, higher education, and healthcare c-level executives focusing on delivering successful customer experiences.

Download ResumeI currently hold a Bachelors of Science Degree in Media and Technology.  I am young in my career but have been given great responsibilities and have had amazing mentors to guide me.  Without them I wouldn’t have the knowledge, drive, opportunity, and passion I have today.

I love creating.  I play the piano, guitar, bass and drums along with being a video producer and audio engineer.  I love web design, gadgets, and new innovation.  I’m always looking for the next thing to disrupt the industry.