Reaching the C Suite – Becoming a Vice President and a Marketing Leader – Interview with Lauren Mead

Hiring, delegating, promoting, demoting, disciplining, and firing are extremely taxing efforts every leader must consider at some point during their career. Being able to keep potentially devastating or exciting information quiet until the company is ready to share the news and understanding how to carefully deliver organizational changes that inform but still motivate your team to maintain productivity is a constant experiment especially when you are to advocate for your team and give them the resources they need to drive the company to your agreed-upon goals.

Leaders of every department find themselves settled with many sleepless nights when trying to balance their team while trying to keep their own heads clear. In this episode, I welcome Lauren Mead the VP of Marketing at HqO. I had the pleasure of working for Lauren for almost four awesome years. Go grab a cold one and join us as we crack open a few beers and discuss her experience starting as a marketing event coordinator and how she climbed the ladder to become a marketing executive and industry thought leader.

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