First Impressions: Xfinity and Verizon Landing Pages

verizon xfinity comcast

So both Xfinity and Verizon FIOS have released their new line of products and service in the home monitoring and security sector.  As a home owner and being personally interested in creating my own home wireless security system I wanted to look into their offers.

Take a look at the pages yourself: Verizon Home Monitoring | Xfinity Home Security

verizon xfinity comcast landing page

Verizon – After coming to this page I was a little overwhelmed.  First we have three levels of navigation on top, another navigation bar on the left of the page, and one offer for $9.99 a month that really didn’t jump out to me as it should have.  The CTA NEEDS TO BE RIPPING MY FACE OFF!  There is too much going on to distract me to lead me down the customer path to purchase.  I can start by looking at the cost for the devices, or I can start looking at other Verizon services, or I can find out how to upgrade my system or I can view the features or…I can just check out and watch How I Met Your Mother.

Xfinity – Much better experience.  The page is clean, every section looks like it was designed with the thought of the other sections.  The hero image is eye catching and pretty much YELLING AT YOU TO INTERACT WITH ME!  I can say pretty confidently when someone hits this page they are most likely going to interact with that demo.  Which is good when you can predict or even dictate the path most customers will take on your site.

Video DEMOS:

verizon xfinity comcast video page

Verizon – A little further down the page, if you make it, are a few videos talking about the services.  Now I got what I had expected, a few videos of clearly staged people looking satisfied they can play with their lights and thermostat settings remotely with over exaggerated head nods and smiles.  The video production wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good.  Nothing special means nothing sticks in your mind.

Xfinity – When you launch the demo you are offered to see all five videos in a playlist like player which really encouraged me to watch all five videos.  Although the demos were not much different than Verizon’s, they did work with a company that put more of a cinematographic view on the videos.  Better, more dramatic lighting, along with better depth of field.  It really made watching the videos a bit more entertaining and easier to watch.  Granted they were still obviously staged actors but the better quality of video helped me look past the acting.

I’m going to leave it right there.  One does seem to be a better system than the other but the price follows suit with it. Take a look at the site yourself and tell me what your first impressions are!!!

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