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Usually when the services I use send me updates on my usage it’s something that I either ignore or just archive away until I was pleasantly surprised when I got this email in from Foursquare.

It was notifying me of a few of my friends check in’s at a couple places I’ve been over the past few months.  It offered viewing the images they had taken at the locations however what really connected with me was in the center of the email.  They had listed a few places I visited this time last year and of course the three places listed were locations at The Pier at Old Orchard Beach Maine.

This really connected with me.  I love going up there and just relaxing and I typically visit at least two times a year during the summer.  It triggered a nostalgic feeling, like the holidays were coming.  What this also triggered me to do was to book call and have a room booked for this weekend!  Woo Vacation!

If you think about it, Foursquare captures a lot of personal data about you.  From the locations you check into they can get an idea of what type of a consumer you are.  This gives them the edge to bring you offers for places that almost no other “deal of the moment” services can.  Sure you show interest on places based on internet searches and whatnot but what else says I care about something more than physically being at that location.

They were able to harness information they knew about me to draft a marketing email that really engaged me.  You can tell it’s a marketing email because there is a CTA for me to start searching around for more coffee shops to get my fix at the end of the email.  I’d give this drip campaign a high five if I could.  It is…

  • Updating me on my friends interests
  • Reminding me of locations I want to revisit
  • Offering me relevant ads.

Granted who doesn’t like coffee, but I am someone who checks into a lot of coffee shops.  What are your thoughts on this email?  Have you received a marketing email that has actually grabbed your attention?

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