Instagram Vs. Vine

Instagram Vs VineOn June 20th Facebook’s Instagram released a new update to their iOS and Android app which included the ability to record video to share through Instagram. This isn’t a surprising move since Twitter’s app Vine has really taken off in the content sharing medium. This is truly turning into a very active battle of Instagram Vs. Vine.  Vine is an application you can use on your iPhone that allows you to take quick video clips that are easily assembled into 6 second video clips.  Although these videos are short and don’t offer a lot of options for video editing, the community has been filled with extremely creative videos and topics and has grasped both the Teen – 30’s demographic, it’s also grabbed the attention of marketing departments across the world.  Companies such as TimeTrade and Dunkin’ Donuts now have Vine accounts that you can follow.

Vine Verses Instagram Web Usage

Looking at the past 30 days for website usage hits you can see that Vine had skyrocketed past Instagram back at the end of May 2013 and hasn’t stopped since.  You can also see that since the release of Instgram’s Video feature on the 20th, Vine had taken a huge blow in traffic which has then thrown it back below Instagram’s usage.  We can all see now how popular sharing quick video content is.  It’s gaining more popularity than taking pictures which is very surprising to me!

What is it to you?  Do you Vine, or do you Instagram….or do you both?  Who do you think will win?

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