Live and Learn – Read Your Cover Letters

Well I’m on a new journey in my life.  Now looking for work and finally getting this personal portfolio up and running it’s time to focus on what I need to get done.  I’m a very observant person.  I notice a lot of things most people don’t.  Apparently that part of me was taking a nap when I started working on my cover letters.  Here is one of the sentences from my cover letters that I have been sending out.

I have managed team members before but but prefer to execute on tasks myself as it places me much closer to the client in order to create a trusting relationship.

I edited something and I can’t remember what but I now sent that typo to about four of the companies I’ve applied to.  It’s a mistake I already know had cost me one interview and potentially more from the companies I haven’t heard from in a few days.  I’m glad I caught it now however I’ve already applied to a few places I really want to work.  Hopefully it’s overlooked, but more importantly, I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

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