Project Glass – Google’s Latest Gamechanger

In the past week Google had released a comp video on what they see is the future in lifestyle technology.  Although this seems like augmented reality, it’s quite the opposite since it’s reality being augmented with overlays and not the other way around.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about you should watch the video above to get the idea.

Now it seems that people are taking sides, some are Team Glass and others are Team…. well I don’t know.  Jimmy Kimmel had a great skit jumping on the “Crap on Project Glass” bandwagon which was awesome!

Also it seems that the people at Gizmodo seem to think this is a stupid idea that will just make everyone less social and annoy people who choose to live in the “Real World.”  I figured Gizmodo being a tech blog would eat up this awesome concept!  So people are taking sides however the concept of overlaid information on life is nothing really new.  Google is taking an idea we’ve already seen being brought into cars to the everyday life.

We’ve already seen ideas to bring GPS overlays (HUD) to the drivers windshield so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road.

Image from Gizmodo

Also this technology concept was featured heavily in the movie Children of Men which was an awesome movie.
Universal Pictures

So now the idea is to bring it to everyday people walking about.  Again, we may end up with a bunch of mindless zombies walking around aimlessly talking to their own faces but where I see this technology really helping everyday is with someone who is handicapped.  Imaging not needing hands to dial a telephone number, never mind having the call, or taking a picture, or looking at a map for directions.  Just being able to completely interact with a computer just with your voice.  Being able to update your social networks and stay close to your family without any effort.

That is just the beginning.  The options are almost endless when you’re looking to use this technology integrated into your home to turn on your lights, turn on the television, even to open doors.  Using GPS locations to call for help if needed from anywhere.  Not just the confines of your own home like those silly Life Alert commercials.

We just need to make sure life doesn’t turn into Bruce Willis’ Surrogates movie.  How do you feel about Project Glass?

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