RadioShack Superbowl Ad: The Phone Call

As the Superbowl has passed so have a slew of awesome commercials that are just about as entertaining as the game.  There were a lot of different commercials, some funny, some serious, some…confusing, but I have to give credit where credit is due.  This post is all about RadioShack.

RadioShack is taking the proper steps to compete against these Best Buy microstores but is it too late?

I remember back in the early 90’s when I was about 7 years old, going to RadioShack to pick up an awesome CB Radio my friends and I could use to talk to each other while we were doing stupid kid things around the neighborhood.  I remember being in my teens and going to RadioShack to purchase cables, connectors, soldering equipment and other electronic odds and ends when I was busy ripping things apart for the fun of it.

The past ten years however have been nothing but disappointing when I’ve entered a RadioShack store.  The knowledge of the staff had completely dropped from being useful to being satellite radio and cell phone sales drones that had no idea there was much of anything past the cash registers that were worth knowing about.  Thankfully You-Do-It-Electronics has been able to fill that void however they are far from a convenient drive, which is why I loved RadioShack so much back in the day.

To this day RadioShack really has seemed to be unaffected by time from the mid 90’s forward which is why I’m very happy to see RadioShack embrace this and turn it into a hilarious marketing campaign.  Now I’m not expecting much from the stores in an educated electronic’s odds and ends store as they move into a more competitive market for popular consumer electronics, but they needed to do something as Best Buy is now opening microstores in malls offering pretty much exactly the same thing as a RadioSack with a modern style.  RadioShack is taking the proper steps to compete against these Best Buy microstores but is it too late?  Either way, a huge high five to their marketing department on this great campaign!

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