Is the Apple Watch a Distraction or the Best Healthcare Innovation Yet?

AppleWatchApple announced their latest innovation in wearable technology, the Apple Watch.  A new device expected on the market in early 2015 that will allow you to manage most of your phones native features right on your wrist.  The Apple Watch is sleek and comes in a variety of different style designs and bands to choose from.  For $349 you will be able to manage phone calls, text messages, appointment invites, GPS navigation, biometric metering, and a lot more.

What if the Apple Watch was able to warn you of a heart attack?

Apple Watch Heart Rate

After watching they keynote, the beautifully designed watch really didn’t offer many features that wowed me personally.  The watch was a well expected release in this keynote so the ideas of answering calls, texts, and getting directions was already expected.  The other features I didn’t expect, like tapping and drawing flowers and … well assaulting emoji’s to make the faces I want them to make.

Apple Watch Activity Monitor

Maybe right now the watch’s wow factor is really a lot of hot air but imagine what could be in store for the watch.  The activity tracking and heart rate monitor is great for keeping in shape and watching what you eat, but what if the Apple Watch was able to warn you of a heart attack? What if it could tell you if you’re having heart palpitations or a stroke? Imagine in the future if the Apple Watch could monitor your blood sugar or other critical vitals in your body?

There is a huge list of possibilities in the future for this watch.  What do you think about the watch?  Is it just another fad that will phase out over the next couple years, or do you think these watches will change the way we interact and live?  Also would you rather wear a watch like this, or pickup a pair of Google Glasses…or both?

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