CelebBoutique Posts Insensitive Tweet Related To Deadly Shooting At Aurora Colorado Movie Theatre

Offensive TweetWe’ve seen this happen before and yet it’s happend again.  In the wake of the awful news of the early morning deadly shooting at the opening premiere of “The Dark Night Rises” Celeb Boutique posts an offensive Tweet referring to the commotion as an interest in a new Kim K (Kardashian) dress that has been released.

For those of you unaware, early this morning a lone gunman walked in through the emergency exit of an Aurora Colorado movie theater carrying smoke grenades and several firearms and opened fire on the crowd of people.  Currently 12 people have died with over 50 injured from gunshot wounds.  The youngest to have passed was six years old.  Such an awful event that is so hard to even think of.  Our hearts and prayers are in Aurora and everyone affected by this tragedy.

CelebBoutique is already getting large amounts of flak from followers and other users all over twitter and this news is spreading like wildfire.  Someone will most likely lose their job over this, and being in marketing myself, I believe they should.  You always need to research, even if it’s just a quick google, on what you’re about to post on.  It’s common sense.  Celeb Boutique has since deleted the posting and has posted apologetic tweets since the post.

CelebBoutique Apology

What are your thoughts on how this makes you feel?  Do you think someone should be held accountable and if so, what do you think the repercussions should be?

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