AT&T Notifying Customers they will Share Personal Information

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I just received an email from AT&T this morning notifying me they are going to be sharing my personal customer information to offer more promotional offers and services.      Although they are not sharing with companies “Outside the AT&T family” this still warrants concern on who this information will actually be shared with.  Also what type of personal information?  My cell phone and plan? The type of calls I make?  To whom I call?  Maybe even my web history?  Kinda seems a bit big brother to me!

Here is the email I recieved:

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If you are an AT&T customer, they do mention you can opt-out of this sharing service which I strongly recommend you do.  Otherwise with no action they will automatically start sharing your information.  To do so, get your account number and either:

Some people are very sensitive about this information sharing.  I personally feel that burying this information in an email that most people are going to look over and pass and automatically have their information shared is a sneaky and slimy way to build a marketing list.  How do you feel about the information sharing.  Are you concerned or do you not mind the internal personal information sharing?

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