Please Stop With The Obvious and Stupid Blog Posts

Pooping Blog PostI’m a frustrated blogger today.  A lot of marketing companies and leaders are really filling the world with crap these days.  I’m not going to name the post or writer of the article but it was just another example of “Just Get A Post Out” which is doing nothing but filling the internet with time wasting crap that your loyal readers just eat up like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

The post that I’m referencing was directed towards creating good headlines which pretty much said, you should have a session to think up headlines, review it so it’s perfect, remember to use language your customers understand, and then test it.  No examples were given, no success terms that prove eye catching were suggested.  There was nothing you could actually take away from the post that would have helped you.

The actual post was just under 250 words, which in blogging terms really is too short to be a blog post.  It’s too short because you can’t write anything really worth reading unless it’s a haiku or fortune cookie!

Here is what helps.  You want a headline? Heres a tip!  Action Words Grab Attention along with Using Educational Terms.  Using terms like “Learn More” seem to work better than “Click Here!”  There’s a no brainer tip you can take away from this post without even thinking.

Here is what you need to think about.  Crap is crap no matter how much of it you make.  Gold every once in a while is much more valuable to the company and to the people that subscribe to you.  Next time you post, think about why someone will read your content and how this will help them.  Otherwise your post is just as helpful as a reminder to file your taxes in April.

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