Dunkin’ Donuts Retains Customers With Social Media


A poor experience with Dunkin’ Donuts turns into great customer service. I got to see first hand how Dunkin’ Donuts retains customers with social media. Last weekend I went up to New Hampshire to purchase fireworks with my father. We stopped by a Dunkin Donuts to order a Medium Ice Coffee – Cream Only and a Large Hot Decaf – Cream and Sugar. After driving for a few minutes and taking my first sip I realized that it was loaded with sugar and my dad had no sugar at all. Granted it’s not a big deal but I ended up posting a tweet to @DunkinDonuts – no one messes with my coffee.

Dunkin Donuts Tweet

Eventually I calmed down and forgot about my coffee. Come Tuesday I see a DM from @DunkinDonuts apologizing and asking me to DM them my number. I was interested to see what would happen so I sent my number along.

I ended up speaking to a women named Lisa. She wanted to know what had happened so I explained I was frustrated at the time and posted the tweet. They were going to file an official complaint and see if they could identify which person served me to write them up or recommend some training. At that point I told them I didn’t want to get someone in trouble for messing up a coffee – It really wasn’t a big deal. She then took my address and five days later I got a $10 gift card in the mail.

Dunkin’ Donuts really went above and beyond my expectations to make sure I was beyond satisfied. It’s the way a company handles the screw ups that really shows character and even though they are huge, they are still taking the time to listen to customers. This more than anything else will keep me buying their products.

Today it’s all about one to one communications delivered in a personal, relevant, and timely manner. You can have the same impact as a B2B Marketing & Sales professional. By creating alerts around your brand or content and letting your prospects and customers know you are listening, you open up a great deal more of opportunities for your company. People are focused on themselves – its only natural. Letting them know your paying attention helps you make a personal connection. Are you listening?

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