Facebook Releases New Page Insights

Facebook Insights Overview
Facebook Insights Overview

Facebook has released an update of page insights which changes the reporting metrics slightly, but completely overhauls the user interface.  I can tell you now, it’s pretty awesome!  Facebook insights would give you great information on how your posts are doing along with your page likes, but the interface itself was a bit clunky and hard to quickly browse through to get a feel on how your page was doing.  The latest beta release has organized all of your important information into easy to read graphs so you can quickly see what your statistics are.  How are you page likes to unlikes, which one of your posts is having the most engagement, how often are you publishing content and what results is that having on your page views and likes.

There have been changes to the way it calculates viral post metrics and a few other items which you can read about by looking at Facebook’s “Whats New Page Insights.”  Right now the release is offered to opt in users only and if you do switch you can go back to the previous version of Insights for a limited time, however if you do switch back, you can no longer update to the new version until it’s publicly released out of beta.

You can also still export all of your reporting data to CSV as you could before however you can only pull reports back up to 90 days in the past.  Here are a few screenshots of the new interface.  You should definitely try it out.

Thanks to Hubspot you can watch the video above to learn how to export your Facebook Page metrics into a CSV and use those to properly read and gauge what content you had published that had the most success with engagement, and when your best time to publish content is based on your demographic.

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