How Not to Make a Sale

Are you kiddingI’m currently researching referral and gamification partners to help spice up engagement with my company’s product with our users.  Whatever your opinion is on salespeople you need to put that aside when you’re done doing your research and finally talk to a few of them.  What I had come to find was all the salespeople I spoke to were great and really helped me answer my questions..all except for one.  He had taught me a valuable lesson on How Not to Make a Sale.

Here is how the conversation started.  I’ve changed names to protect the innocent…

My Email to Sales:


XXXX had asked me to reach out to you from your previous email.  I’m evaluating products to help engage our clients and help drive referrals through gamification.  Would you have time to catch up this week?  Feel free to use my link below to book a 30 minute call with me that works for you.


At this point, I’ve emailed to a direct salesperson I was put in contact with, showed interest in their solution that applies to a direct problem we are having.  I’ve even offered a link to book a direct meeting with me in my signature so we could get straight on a call.  Here is their response:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the email. We offer a way to do gamification through Social Media.  Could you share more about your strategy?


Right from the start there is a major failure!  Anyone in sales would take that opportunity to call or have a BDR call to qualify the lead.  From that email I had almost walked away from the product and just worked with competitors but I decided to give a second chance.  I sent a second email detailing our goals and requirements and asking to schedule a call.  Here is the response back:


I just ran your scenario past out Solutions consultant and it looks like we can help.  Is this something you would like to evaluate and include in December?

Sincerely, XXXX

In the end I finally did speak to someone at the company and found out it doesn’t offer an automated way to address our needs, however you’re never going to sell your product when your customers feel like they are talking to a wall when they call sales, never mind support! You’ve got 15 minutes to engage that new lead when they show interest.  Don’t Blow It!

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