How To Outlast your Sales Slump and Find Motivation: Finding Sales Inspiration

It happens to everyone and nobody ever wants to be trapped in a slump. The best sales strategies and management practices are the ones that help salespeople work through the slow times and sales slumps to inspire and motivate. Good sales managers help facilitate the support and growth needed to fight through the tough times, and good salespeople need to be able to create motivation and inspiration even when the numbers are not looking good. “Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm, and you can’t transfer something that you don’t have.” Your attitude is the most important weapon you have to get out of the slump. How do you find the motivation to change your mood when everything seems to be going wrong? It takes hard work to train yourself to look past the negative and to fight for the positive. It takes setting small achievable goals that will create new rungs in the ladder to climb your way back up. Finally, it takes discipline to keep moving forward when you think everything is working against you. In this episode, we talk about the sales slump, and how even the best sales reps fall into these pits and more importantly, how they climb back out.

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