DSLR Idiot – Does Demeaning Marketing Work on You?

Sony is in the process of releasing a new camera geared towards their point and shoot demographic of people 13 – 70 (the DSLR Idiot) who are looking for a quick, easy, and quality solution to great photos with families.  However in the past few years, DSLR cameras have become really popular as they are being produced with easier to understand “Auto” modes.  The DSLR camera and interchangeable lenses give the consumer the confidence that they are taking the best photo with the best camera they can handle.  Sony is claiming this is not true anymore with their new XXXX which has a photo sensor that is “the same size” as your typical DSLR.

Are you a DSLR Idiot?

Sony’s YouTube marketing campaign for the new XXXX is geared towards finding normal people in everyday life using a DSLR and enlightening them to the fact that they are just using the camera in Auto mode and really overpaid for a bunch of features they are never going to use.

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE!  Most people I know who own DSLR’s never leave Auto Mode…Except for my friend Kevin, who is a professional photographer.  I personally use Manual mode quite often as I like to play with the settings.

As a marketer, this is my question to you.  Do you think a mix of demeaning comedy that makes you laugh at a few on the street, which in return for most DSLR owners makes you reflect on yourself, is a good direction to go for the new camera?

If you think about it. DSLR idiots already own the new camera and have spent a good amount for it.  Do you think people are going to switch?  For those who are in the market for a new camera and considering a DSLR camera, does demeaning marketing work for you? Would this turn you back from looking at the cheap DSLR’s and snuff out your interest in Prosumer to Consumer?  I love my DSLR, but I too sometimes feel it’s a bit overkill.

Here is something else to think about.  On the Sony site, the new Sony Nex camera they are boasting about starts at $599.99 while you can purchase a Canon Rebel DSLR starting at $499.99 from Amazon.  Who is the real idiot now?

You can see all of Sony’s DSLR Idiot Videos, which are really funny, on their YouTube Page


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