Google Releases AdWords for Video

Google has just released a new program called Google AdWords for video.  You can now use Google to advertise your video through Youtube and Googles Display Network.  Display Network ads are shown on other website that offer Google Ad space for revenue.  With both Youtube and Google Display you are able to target geographical location and demographics that fit your customer base.  Google mentions you can also run ads for just a few cents per day to keep your costs manageable.  The way they are offering ads is through an opt-in technique where people are offered a choice to watch your ad.  They tout that since people are opting in then they are a more interested prospect, which does make sense.

 I have seen this technology before and my ad choice wasn’t driven by interest, it was driven by the shortest ad available.  (Google listed the TRT (Total Run Time) of the ad when choosing.)

I’m looking forward to have an in depth tutorial on how to use Google Adwords for Video as I set the video below I’ve created for TimeTrade in a campaign.  Google does offer recommendations on how you can create your own video if you don’t have one however it’s recommended you have something to show prior to setting your campaign.

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