Google Maps Employment Pokemon Challenge April Fools Day

The amazingly creative team at Google Maps has released an awesome April Fools Day campaign thats not only entertaining, it can also get you a job at Google! Google Maps Adds Employment Pokemon Challenge for April Fools Day! Here is the video they released introducing the Google Pokemon Challenge.

Although Google Maps may be pulling a fast one over their audience by showing some amazing augmented reality features and the ability to have an awesome adventure, this extremely entertaining campaign is a great way to start the April Fools day.  Even though the augmented reality isn’t real, catching the 150 Pokemon is!  You can search all over the map to find the 150 wild Pokemon to build your Pokedex! Although there is no in game battling.  Spend enough time and find all 150, and you may just land yourself a job at Google!  I wonder how many hours are going to be wasted at work because of this?

Here are a couple of screenshots from the experience…

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