Product Placement in Video

Product placement in video can be a tricky subject.  When it’s done well, you don’t even notice it.  You just suddenly find yourself smoking cigarettes while pounding down Coors Light’s at the end of the week wondering what it is you’re doing with your life.  Granted that is the extreme but that’s what it’s supposed to get you to do.  However product placement is a great way to pay the bills and when it’s done right, should be used.  When actors/actresses use real products, it helps connect people to the on screen personality by saying, I use that too, or more importantly, I need to get that!

However a lot of times it’s used to pay the bills so much they try to cram it down your throat, it can be completely disorienting.  It pulls you out of what ever it is your watching. For example in the video below I have included an extremely annoying example of product placement in video. Thank you T-Mobile and the show Shark Tank.

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