Great Example of a Bad Marketing Email

A friend of mine had forwarded me a marketing email he received from a company that I have decided not to disclose. The email was full of wit and humor along with a reference to one of those internet memes I hear so much about. The problem is the email wasn’t funny, didn’t seem witty at, and they totally botched the meme! Watch the video below as we review a great example of a bad marketing email.

Great Example of Bad Email Marketing from Chris Carroll on Vimeo.

“I ain’t got time for dat!”

Yes this is a real email, and yes this is a real company.  Feel free to read the email yourself!

Hello Alex,

Do you find yourself silently mouthing, “I ain’t got time for dat!” to your boss whenever he/she asks for you to pull another “friggin’ rabbit” out of your tiny hat? Are you a marketing professional or a magician? Or are the two synonymous according to your boss?

We’d like to volunteer as your bombshell assistant, preparing for real marketing magic. Set up your tricks so all you have to do is show up, wave your hands and show off the results. Amaze your boss and your team with quicker conversions for qualified leads, ready-to-use segmentations and deep prospect data to turn you into a certified mind reader; we got this. Our only complaint? These sequins are super itchy…

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Mary XXXX, Director of Marketing

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