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Solar Eclipse 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 Photo

Photo of the solar eclipse August 21, 2017. Shot with a Canon 70D and 8 stop neutral density filter. ƒ 20 | …

Sunset over the Pond

Sunset Over Ames Pond

Took this photo as the sun sets over the water at Ames Pond in Tewksbury MA. ƒ 3.5 | 1/250s | ISO …

Block Referral Spam

Block Referral Spam Traffic

For those of you who use Google Analytics, or just about any other website analytics tools, you may have noticed the sudden jump …

Snow Covered Stone Island on the Concord River

The Tree on the Stone Island

After the sudden snowfall on February 12th, I found this calm scene of a tree on the stone island Concord River. ƒ 6.3 …

GoPro Revenue Growth Slow

Revenue Growth Slows for GoPro

A very interesting graph out of Statista show’s GoPro, the leader in durable sporting cameras, is seeing a violent slowdown in revenue …